I am Rhetta Akamatsu  an author and journalist from Marietta, GA. My most recent book, which came out in December 2015, is Southern Crossroads: Georgia Blues. My other books  include Sex Sells: Women in Photography and Film, The Irish Slaves: Slavery, Indentured Servitude and Contract Labor Among Irish Immigrants, T’ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do:Women Blues Singers Past and Present, and Haunted Marietta.

While all of those subjects don’t sound like they have a lot in common, I am fascinated by history and especially cultural history of all kinds.

In addition to the books, I write a great deal online, includingg reviews for Making A Scene and for Blogcritics Magazine.

Follow me on Twitter at @rhettaa and @bluesATL and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rhettaa. I also have Facebook pages: Keep the Blues Alive, Haunted Marietta, and Rhetta’s Books!

My mission in writing is mainly to share interesting things I learn and events I think people should know about.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I would like to ask you about “Irish Slaves” Can you send me your e-mail address, as the one on your site does not seem to work?

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