New Echota

We went to visit New Echota last weekend. It was the former Cherokee capitol in the 1800’s, where Cherokee families lived in houses and farmed the land. I wrote about it here:

I didn’t talk in the article, though, about the interesting experience I gad there.

I am an empath. That means I am very sensitive to other people;s emotions and to the energy of places. When I was younger, I could often know things about places with lots of history even if I had never been there before. This was especially true of Charleston, SC.

As I have gotten older, this has happened less and less.

But at New Echota, I was able to direct my husband to a well, an orchard, a creek, and the location of the cemetery, which we could not visit.\\

It was very interesting and an unexpected pleasure to connect with the place like that. Check out the article and skideshow!



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