Working on Kickstarter

I am about to start a Kickstarter projecxt for my Ghosts in the Family Tree book, which would incorporate some of my crazy family history, especially the couple of hundred year the Martins lived at Athelhampton House in England but all including the Viking who landed in Wales and captured a castle, the ancestors who fought on both sides of some very famous Scottish battles Alfred the Great, and enough tales of bloodshed and treachery to fuel Game of Thrones for a season. I want to travel to some of my ancestral places and take my photos, talk to locals, and then write the book. That will take money, even if I only go in stages starting with the UK, and write that book and then add others.

But I am afraid, frankly, What if I start a Kickstarter and nobody contributes? I’m always contributing to ones for my friends. What if nobody supports mine?

That’s the sort of fear that often stops people from doing things. I won’t let it stop me but I do freely admit that the fear is there.

Only one way to find out. Finish the video for the project and get it started!


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