Sometimes people read what I write!

When I was writing that review of Bobby Messano at Darwin’s, I found this review, which quotes me. I never aw it before, and I was pleased, because sometimes I forget that people actually read my Blogcritics stuff: Of course, he found it on my older WOrd Press blog, and I really didn’t think anyone read that one!

And I quote, John Vermilyea:

Before starting this review, I read a review of Bobby Messano’s “That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues” by Rhetta Akamatsu . The first paragraph of that review instantly caught my attention, and I quote, ” This is, quite simply, the best blues-rock CD I’ve heard this year, and can stand up well with any CD of the genre I’ve ever heard, including the Allman Brothers, Derek Trucks, or any of the other Southern blues-rock greats. Not bad for a guy from Wisconsin!”. That statement caught my attention, simply because, that is pretty well exactly how I felt while listening to and after listening to the album myself.

“That’s Why I Don’t Sing The Blues”, was my first introduction to the music of Bobby Messano and boy what an introduction it was, one in which I was not surprised at all to see that he was on the first round ballot for this years Grammy’s in the categories of ” Best Blues Album”, Album of The Year”, “Song of The Year”, and “Record of The Year”.

Well, I love knowing I got Bobby some extra attention there…


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