DragonCon plaques

DragonCon plaques

Look what my husband and I got yesterday at the DragonCon staff meeting! DragonCon is a huge sci-fi convention in Atlanta and we have proudly been volunteer staff for 15 years!


4 thoughts on “DragonCon plaques

    1. You will love DragonCon! Just remember it’s big and you can’t do everything, but be flexible and you will have a blast! I have also had a press pass twice, so I got to go for free and didn’t have to be on staff, but I missed being involved at that level so much I didn’t even try for a pass this year. I just signed up for staff. (I’ve never actually bought a membership but I guess it’s like having a press pass, except you don’t have to take notes:)

  1. Well, experience it all first and then maybe next year, you can! I will be volunteering in Science Fiction Literature this year, so come see me there and introduce yourself!

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