Rhetta’s Books

This is the official website of Rhetta Akamatsu, author and journalist. Rhetta has a new book, Southern Crossroads: Georgia Blues
which was just released December 5. It is an exploration of Georgia’s  bluesmusic, beginning with the clubs and pool halls of Sweet Auburn and Blind Wilie McTell and going on to cover all the years up to the present and today’s vibrant blues performers and club scene. It is available on Amazon and for Kindle, and will soon be distributed elsewhere.  Click to roder it on Amazon!


Rhetta’s other books include Sex Sells: Women in Film and Photography, The Irish Slaves: Slavery, Indentured Servitude and Contract Labor Among Irish ImmigrantsT’ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do: Women Blues Singers Past and Present,  and Haunted Marietta,

hauntedmarietta slaves sexsells nobodysbusinessV

Rhetta  lives in Marietta, GA  with her husband and two cats, near her grown son and daughter and the world’s best grandchildren.

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